Loveless Loveletter

Before I start this, let me preface this with I am Asexual & Aromantic — or Aro-Ace for short. If you don’t know what that means, please google it I don’t want to explain it here; better yet read the book, Loveless.

I finished reading the book Loveless, and then crying for like ten minutes after, and what can I say but wow. I love this book; this book spoke to me at my core. The experience of Aro-Aceness portrayed in this book mirrors my experience, my coming to turns, and many of the feelings and a lot of the fears I have had remarkably well. It’s quite spooky. I swear some of the lines written in this book where stolen right from my brain. I really do wish this existed when I was a kid it really would have helped me alot1. This book discusses so many experiences of aceness in such a humanizing way. The story is so soft and wholesome the characters are quirky and funny, but in a real-life way, no one is a caricature of some stereotype. The way this book discusses friendship is incredible and honestly has even helped me work through some of my own ace-related existential fears. I loved this book. If you’re one of my friends reading this, or I guess some random person, and you want to understand me better read this book. If you wish to understand aro-aceness better or just better understand — one example — of the aspec experience read this book, you won’t regret it.

I listened to the audiobook partly because I couldn’t actually find a hard copy online at the time of writing this. Also, because for fiction, I often enjoy audiobooks more, and it was well done if you’re an audiobook person recommended it.

If you want this book you should be able to find it here2. Anyways I’m gonna cry for another twenty minutes about this book now

To the author Alice Oseman. Thank you.

  1. That is why they say representation matters. 

  2. Again at the time of writing this is couldn’t find a hard copy so it may not be there. Aswell that link is Canadian based as I am Canadian so if you’re not just google the book and hopefully you can find it.