Limetown Retrospective

So around a year and a half ago, I needed something to fill my time. After some bumbling around the internet, I found the well-regarded podcast Limetown, so I listened to it and loved it. So when I heard it was being made a TV, I was excited. However, this excitement came with worry as the show was being released on Facebook Watch. To my knowledge, this was the first full production TV show being published by Facebook, a company not well known for its “Original Content.” When the show came out, I didn’t watch it, and I kinda forgot about it. Flash forward to now, if you look at the date you may know its the time of quarantine and social distancing so once again I was saddled with nothing to do, so I decided to watch the TV Show.

So the TV show. My general thoughts are I’m glad the show exists, but it doesn’t need to. When I started watching the show, I was excited to see how a Podcast would be adapted to a TV show, we have seen books be adapted, and many people have talked about the difference of books and TV. However, we haven’t seen a podcast be adapted; podcast audio dramas do have tropes and do have common ways they tell stories, so seeing what would be changed, how it would change, and how adding visuals to a story without visuals would be used. Unfortunately, the best thing I can say about the show is that visuals were added, it is a TV show, the show doesn’t feel like an adaptation but more of like a copy and paste. While some filler was added to hit the 10 episodes, Facebook was looking for overall its basically the same. I’m sure some people will be happy about that. Still, for me personally, I wanted to see what could be added, what could be changed to make it just as compelling a TV show as it was a podcast, and that didn’t really happen.

So if you have listened to the podcast, you don’t need to watch the show, If you were looking for something to occupy your time listen to Limetown it’s perfect and if your not a podcast person the TV show1 will give you a similar experience which is nice for those people. However, it just wasn’t what I was looking for overall I’d give Limetown on Facebook Watch a ★★★☆☆ it’s what it needed to be and nothing more.

  1. If you like it though listen to season 2 of the podcast it really great and won’t be being made into a TV show